英格兰6:2伊朗 加里内维尔的赛后点评<\/p>

England just won their first World Cup game yesterday and they played very well. That talent coming off the bench – Grealish, Rashford, (Phil) Foden – was playing great. It’s massive for Gareth today that he’s been able to use so many players off the bench and they’re all going to come off confident. The goals are absolutely outstanding. Raheem and Maguire are also playing well. We now got players playing better for their country than their club.<\/p>

英格兰队昨日在世界杯赢得了一场开门红, 并且打得十分美丽。最令人惊喜的便是英格兰队今日候补球员格拉利什、拉什福德、福登都体现超卓。关于主帅索斯凯特而言,这样的板凳深度很重要,他能够有更多挑选,并且这些球员都充满了自傲。斯特林和马奎尔也体现不错。咱们现在有许多球员在国家队体现乃至比在沙龙更超卓。<\/p>